The partner your body can trust

For more than 30 years, Sebbin has been innovating in the design and manufacture of implantable medical devices for cosmetic and reconstructive surgery.

Our silicone expertise allows us to offer a complete range of medical devices.


A complete range

for the body

Sebbin is a well-recognized silicone implant manufacturer in the aesthetic and reconstructive surgery market in the world, covering all specialties as well as offering custom-made solutions. Sebbin is also active on the lipofilling market.


At the core of our requirements

Making sure that every single one of our products meets the demands of our high quality standards, Sebbin is committed to performing daily rigorous measures and precise monitoring throughout all processes.

At Sebbin, quality is everyone’s responsibility.


Sebbin’s innovations

With the help of its Advisory board, composed of internationally recognized experts, over the past decade Sebbin has launched an average of 2 new products per year, covering all specialities of plastic surgery.


Transparency is our priority.

Do you have any further questions about Sebbin, our products or the surgery in general? The answers could be found in our FAQ.


Numerous ongoing clinical studies – a quarantee of superior quality


Sebbin is currently carrying out 9 clinical studies (French and international), covering more than 3,000 patients who have benefited from our medical devices.

Sebbin has been leading one of the largest international multicenter prospective study on the 10-year follow-up of a cohort of more than 900 patients. The study, which involves breast implants pre-filled with silicone gel, is being carried out in 15 private or goverment funded hospitals across Europe.

“Our vision of the plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery market is defined by the responsibility that we share with both surgeons and patients, to empower each person that wishes to change or restore their body, to do so with confidence and with a sensible approach.”

Benoit Durand-Barracand

CEO of Groupe Sebbin